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Your makeup has an expiration date. If you’re struggling with dry skin or breakouts please check and see how long you’ve had your products for. Think of your product shelf the same as you would your diet. Be conscious of added fragrance and fillers in the products you’re using on a daily basis. There are good chemicals commonly used in skincare and makeup that can help your skin.

My best advice:

Drink more water than you think you should. You’re probably not getting enough but if you already have a good water intake make sure not to over-hydrate.

Monthly facials or invest in a chemical exfoliant to do at home. We want to encourage cell turnover and slough off dead skin cells to keep our complexion glowing.

Collagen and fats. I incorporate a collagen powder into my morning matcha. If you do not believe in this practise a good alternative is bone broth. A part of a balanced diet is incorporating healthy fats. A large part of my diet is wild fish, avocado, raw walnuts, almond butter and chia seeds.